The Sundfœrr folk recently watched the amazing documentary,
Nordfor Sola, on Netflix. Doing all the filming themselves, Inge Wegge and Jørn
Ranum spend nine months within the Arctic Circle on uninhabited islands off the
coast of northern Norway in search of amazing surf in freezing conditions.

Their adventure was made over the winter of 2010-11 where the
pair built a cabin next to a large rock using timber and other materials washed
up on the beach.  Their filming moves to Inge
and Jørn’s quest for fun, braving the strong (and freezing) Atlantic surf, snow
boarding and paragliding.

It’s a dramatic adventure with amazing scenery and awe-inspiring
extreme sports.

What we found most dramatic was another job Inge and Jørn
had been doing every day during their 270 days of solitude. These two young men
had collected three tons of washed-up waste.

Three tons of plastic waste collected
from just one beach

The plastic problem is pretty well-known, and in today’s
world it is hard to avoid buying or using things that are made from plastic. In your wardrobe and you’ll find many labels saying polyester, nylon and acrylic.

This is why when selecting materials for the Varmr Change
Robe we chose 100% recycled nylon for the windproof and waterproof outer shell and 100% recycled polyester for the cosy inner fleece.

Every Varmr is made from 90 plastic bottles.

The Varmr Change Robe is not this season. It’s every season.
It’s designed and built to last. The Varmr is a piece of enduring fashion.

To do a bit more, for every online Varmr purchase Sundfœrr donates
€4 to The Ocean CleanUp. The Ocean CleanUp has removed over 5 million kilograms of waste from the world’s rivers and oceans.

By purchasing a Varmr Change Robe you’ve
reduced your impact of plastic production and helped to remove plastic waste.

Find out more about The Ocean CleanUp or make an additional
donation here.

The Ocean CleanUp