Meet our founder

Welcome to Sundfœrr

"We believe in experiencing all the adventures that life has to offer, being outdoors.

Whether your vibe is beach days, foraging in woods, hiking, camping, walking the dog or outdoor sport - being in beautiful open space is soul enriching.

We provide superior, unique designs for those who want to explore without compromising style or comfort through any of our untamed seasons."

- Neets,
Sundfœrr Founder

Our story

Creating a community

Inspired by our love for exploring the North Norfolk coast, we created Sundfœrr, an all-round adventure robe. Designed for easy changing after paddleboarding in wild creeks and versatile enough for various family adventures, our robes blend style and warmth. Sundfœrr, meaning 'able to swim' in old Nordic, aims to enhance outdoor experiences, promoting health, mindset, and lifestyle benefits. We're committed to delivering exceptional customer service.

The future

What's next for Sundfœrr

Instead of adding to the plastic problem in our oceans, Sundfœrr changing robes are made from recycled materials. To go a little further, for every Varmr change robe sold on our website, we send €4 to The Ocean CleanUp who have removed over 5 million tons of plastic from our oceans and rivers.

We are also working on new designs and styles, including children’s robes, so follow our Instagram and TikTok  to stay in touch.